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Email Marketing – Build Your List Strategy

email marketing

email marketingEmail Marketing – A New Way to Build Your Subscriber List

If you have or are planning on building a website, and you have no idea how to get traffic to your website and have never been able to build an email marketing list before… keep reeding, because this is for you.

It is almost impossible to monatize a website if you have no traffic and no way of building a subscriber list. It’s like having a shop with people outside wanting to come in with their money in their hands, and you are sat there with the doors locked…..right.

Now here’s the good news……

I will be running a live webinar on the 24th November at 8pm GMT where you will learn how to build a list and direct traffic to your website fast …. You will learn;

  • How to get your first 1,000 subscribers with just copy and paste.
  • A Brand New (virtually fool-proof) way to build your email subscriber list… starting from scratch!…
  • Why all internet millionaires have one thing in common: They all have a list.
  • Why Mobile is your new secret weapon and how it will take your business to new heights!
  • How to get people on Facebook and Twitter to drive laser targeted traffic to your website and collect an email data base completely free.. And they will be queuing up to do it for you.
  • And muck, much more….

Now these are not just ordinary leads or what’s known as general leads, these will be laser targeted to your niche, customers, who are actively searching for your product or service and are ready to buy with credit card in hand…. Very powerful stuff.


Now….. for those of you who don’t know what a webinar is….. It’s the same thing as a seminar, the difference is that a seminar is usually held at a hotel somewhere and you have to travel to that hotel incurring travel costs maybe you have to stay the night so you’ve got accommodation cost as well and it can be very expensive right?

A webinar is all done on the web, so the furthest you have to travel is to your computer; and you have all the comforts of your own home.. Great eh! And as a bonus; It’s FREE!!

There is limited space so don’t delay register today to secure your place, click on the link below right now otherwise you will forget and regret.

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