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Email Marketing – Build Your List Strategy

email marketing

email marketingEmail Marketing – A New Way to Build Your Subscriber List

If you have or are planning on building a website, and you have no idea how to get traffic to your website and have never been able to build an email marketing list before… keep reeding, because this is for you.

It is almost impossible to monatize a website if you have no traffic and no way of building a subscriber list. It’s like having a shop with people outside wanting to come in with their money in their hands, and you are sat there with the doors locked…..right.

Now here’s the good news……

I will be running a live webinar on the 24th November at 8pm GMT where you will learn how to build a list and direct traffic to your website fast …. You will learn;

  • How to get your first 1,000 subscribers with just copy and paste.
  • A Brand New (virtually fool-proof) way to build your email subscriber list… starting from scratch!…
  • Why all internet millionaires have one thing in common: They all have a list.
  • Why Mobile is your new secret weapon and how it will take your business to new heights!
  • How to get people on Facebook and Twitter to drive laser targeted traffic to your website and collect an email data base completely free.. And they will be queuing up to do it for you.
  • And muck, much more….

Now these are not just ordinary leads or what’s known as general leads, these will be laser targeted to your niche, customers, who are actively searching for your product or service and are ready to buy with credit card in hand…. Very powerful stuff.


Now….. for those of you who don’t know what a webinar is….. It’s the same thing as a seminar, the difference is that a seminar is usually held at a hotel somewhere and you have to travel to that hotel incurring travel costs maybe you have to stay the night so you’ve got accommodation cost as well and it can be very expensive right?

A webinar is all done on the web, so the furthest you have to travel is to your computer; and you have all the comforts of your own home.. Great eh! And as a bonus; It’s FREE!!

There is limited space so don’t delay register today to secure your place, click on the link below right now otherwise you will forget and regret.

Click Here To Secure Your Place Now

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Internet-Based Home Business

Profit and Loss

Home BusinessWhy Failure Sometimes Happens With An Internet-Based Home Business

Getting into an Internet-based home business is like going into business for yourself. What most people fail to realize is that the same types of obstacles and challenges that people have when they go into business offline are the same obstacles and challenges they might face online, except in a different format.

If you have difficulty selling items in a regular brick-and-mortar store, don’t think that slapping a website up on the World Wide Web is going to transform you into an instant super sales person. It won’t. Instead, seek to become a better business person all around, taking your cue from basic business practices, and then transferring those skills online to be successful.

Your Attitude Is Half The Battle

Business is a competition, just like sports. You don’t go out to the playing field assuming that your team will lose. You don’t let a few setbacks sour you on the entire game. You give it your all until the umpire blows the whistle and the game is over. Then, there is time for regret, but until then, the game can always be turned around at the last-minute.

Having a positive attitude when you go into Internet marketing is essential, just like it is when you are competing in sports. If you think you will fail, you will. There is no better self-fulfilling prophecy than someone who half-heartedly goes into business only to make excuses for why the business failed.

It didn’t fail after they started doing it. It failed the minute that they didn’t believe in themselves. If you want the stamina and persistence to get your Internet-based home business successful, you have to develop your mind as well as your skills.

Understanding The Difference

Understand that there will be setbacks, it is impossible to succeed without failure, but if you have the right mindset, you will be able to use everything as a learning experience to finally cross that finish line as a winner, this is the fine line between making a loss or making a profit.

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Win An Android Tablet + Set of Business DVD’s

Home Business

Home Businessandroid tablet +online businessGraham Paul Win an Android Tablet and Business Package

Win An Android Tablet + Set of Business DVD’s

This Android tablet sports 4G connectivity and a large 10.1 inch screen — a great setup for browsing the web, gameplay, making full use of your apps and social media.

This prize includes a complete set of DVD’s which normally retails at $2,497. Featuring many of the worlds top internet marketing experts. They have come together in this unique occation to discuss their businesses and to reveal what is normally a very closly guarded secret on how they started from very humble beginings to becoming multi-millionaires within a just few years.

Secrets Revealed are:

Facebook Marketing

How to Create a Passive Income

How to Generate Traffic  to Your Website

21 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep

And much much more

Enter this free competition and you could win a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of starting your own online business and you too could have the dream lifestyle you so richly deserve.
There are 17 different ways to enter and you can increase your chances of winning tenfold by sharing the link on Twitter and Facebook as many time as you like, so go-ahead an get you entry in now.  Graham Paul Win an Android Tablet and Business Package

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Spreading Ideas By Word-Of-Mouse

Spreading Ideas

Spreading IdeasSpreading Ideas By Word-Of-Mouse

Imagine you’re the head of marketing at a theme park, and you’re charged with announcing a major new attraction. You need to create new ways of spreading ideas….. What would you do?

Well, the old rules of marketing suggest that you pull out your wallet, you’d probably spend millions buying your way into people’s minds by interrupting them with TV spots, billboards by the side of the road, and other whacky advertising techniques. You might also hire a big PR agency, who would beg the media to write about spreading ideas about your attraction.

The traditional PR approach requires a self-congratulatory press release, claiming that the new attraction will bring about world peace by bringing families closer together. That’s not what Cindy Gordon, vice president of new media and marketing partnerships at Universal Orlando Resort did. When she launched The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, she used a whole new approach.

In contrast, other large entertainment companies would have spent millions of dollars. Interrupting everyone in the country with old-rules approaches. Super Bowl TV ads, blimps, direct mail, and magazine ads. Instead, Cindy told just seven people about the new attraction, and those seven people told tens of thousands more.

Then mainstream media listened to those tens of thousands. They wrote about the news in their newspaper and magazine articles. In TV and radio reports, and in blog posts. Cindy estimates that 350 million people around the world heard the news that Universal Orlando Resort was creating The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park.

The Viral Buzz

One of the coolest things about spreading ideas on the Web is that when an idea takes off, it can propel a brand or company to seemingly instant fame and fortune. For free. Whatever you call it—viral, buzz, word-of-mouse, or word-of-blog marketing—having other people tell your story drives action. One person sends it to another, then that person sends it to yet another, and on and on.

The challenge for marketers, is to harness the amazing power of word-of-mouse and to learn about other people’s success. You can then apply some of their ideas and lessons in your own word-of-mouse efforts.

As you will learn, the formula for success includes a combination of some great—and free—Web content. A video, blog entry, interactive tool, or e-book that provides valuable information. Which  is ground breaking or amazing or hilarious or involves a celebrity, plus a network of people to light the fire and links that make your content very easy to share.

For decades, the only way to spread our ideas was to buy expensive advertising. Or persuad the Media to write or broadcast about our products and services. Instead, organizations have a tremendous opportunity to publish great content online. Content that people want to consume and that they are eager to share with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Word-of-mouse is the single most empowering tool available to marketers today.

You can share your ideas by creating your own viral marketing strategies and campaigns. Learn how by getting this FREE BOOK NOW.

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Online Marketers Tips and Tricks

Online Marketers

Online MarketersOnline Marketers Tips

Besides the effectiveness of online marketers in reaching out to more people, it is also cost effective. You can use free online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others to promote your business. There are several things that business owners need to follow to better their sales:

Knowing your audience

One of the most frustrating things for online marketers is spending a fortune to hire a research firm only to be disappointed in the end. The main cause of such disappointment is the lack of early planning. You need to clearly define your audience to ensure you know who to target in your marketing strategies.

Budget for your marketing plan

Every marketing plan definitely requires resources. With online marketing, there is no need to worry even if you are operating on a tight budget. Online marketing is the most affordable and this explains why it is more preferable for small and medium business ventures. It is good to allocate some resources for research rather than relying solely on free marketing such as the social media.

Create a strong brand for yourself

Establishing your business as a leader in the market can be a huge step in attracting more clients. Selling the business name is the first step to increasing sales over the years to come. Given the large number of companies competing to have their brands at the top, you must up your game to beat this competition. You need to create a good website that has a unique domain name from the rest. You can minimize the cost of acquiring a domain name by considering hosting services.

SEO marketing

Search Engine Optimization is crucial because you want people to find your website first when they search the internet. You can do this by using common keywords or even backlinking your website. Make sure that the website is regularly updated to incorporate the trending things in the market.

More tips and tweeks can be obtained in this FREE BOOK written by top British Internet Marketer Andrew Reynolds.